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If you’re like most of us, you coach yourself.  Bike racers tend to be a different breed.  Most are highly educated, hold various professional jobs, and are obsessive/compulsive at best. This is what makes us who we are.  You read the books, check the blogs, and make sure you see the latest news on the various web sites.  You know what to do, right?

With that in mind, I have for you the February reading list: Check out the forum. Dig deep into this one. Friels baby. Tim Johnson’s philosophy.

And lastly some real science,

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Welcome New MN Posse Member

Pete Wentzel, all around nice chap and super hard man. Took up cycling last year and rode the Iowa Ragbrai  
 thing and a few other 100 milers for fun.                                                                   
 Last year 2008                                                                                              
    Captain of the Midwest Mountaineering Adventure Race Team.  Competed in                                  
    9 adventure races including 4-24 hour events.  Three 2nd place finishes.                                 
    All races were top 5 finishes.  Finished 2nd in the Minnesota Adventure                                  
    Race Series, 20th in the National Championships out of 80 teams.                                         
    Completed 4 Century Rides with an average time of approximately 6 hours                                  
    Finished first in the Minnesota Orienteering Clubs annual 6 hour ROGAINE                                 
    (Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance)                                       

 Finished first in Purdue University's 48 hour adventure race.                                               
 Registered for the Assault on Mount Mitchell.

Page added to US Cyclocross Team


Top American cyclist Jonathan Page has been added to the U.S. National Team roster for next weekends UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships, USA Cycling announced today.

Eric S.

Pac NW Allstarz adds another Clydesdale to the ranks

Welcome  Jim Hendrickson

‘Singing Sweet Home Alabama all Summer Long’

Page Cleared!

From the Jonathan Page Blog –

The panel heard jp’s case and ruled in his favor, that a doping violation did not occur. The UCI has the right to appeal the decision, but for now he has cleared the obstacle in front of him.

More as we get it.


– Eric S

Winter Training

This is the time of year when many lose critical fitness gained during the past season.  Body weight goes up, and functional power goes down.  Many believe that long hours of LSD is the key to success for next season.  If you live in your parents basement, and are still in your lower 20’s this might be so.  If your like the rest of us, time comes at a high cost and long hours in the saddle is not really an option.

Your results next ‘cross season will come from the cumulative effect of the training you do from now until next October.  One workout, or a “good” weekend of training will not cut it. We are biological creatures, and we adapt as such.   Your body wants to be a tub of goo, you have to force it to not be.

To help you get started, I post daily WODs to the HEF site (Progression is key).  I also have links on “Nutrition” , “The Juice” and others to give you an idea of what it will take to continually get stronger, week after week.  Also, all Crossniacs are invited to ask a “question of the week ” and mail it to the HEF site.  I will post answers to many of these questions weekly.

Train hard, rest harder.


Highland Elite Fitness, LLC Joins the Crossniacs

All, it is with tremendous excitement as I announce our latest sponsor. Bryan Butts joined us a few months ago and has agreed to help whip us all into true Crossniac’s shape. I encourage everyone to tap into the tremendous knowledge-base that Bryan and Highland Elite Fitness bring to our team.

As a new member, I am offering coaching services to our team.  I am willing to donate as much time as I can to help you become a better cyclocross racer.  Highland Elite Fitness, LLC is a small coaching and training business located in St.Paul, Minnesota. HEF specializes in Explosive Cyclocross Performance Training; think Roadie meets MMA.  I hold a MS in Exercise Science, along with certifications from the NSCA (CSCS *D) and the USAW (SPC).  For more information, please visit , or e-mail


crossniacjacketsold.jpg we got one (med) jacket to go. Who wants it? Hurry, hurry want these to go to print.  

Long Gravel Ride

For those of you looking for a way to get some base miles on midwestern gravel, I would recommend that you get signed up now.  Dirty Kanza registration here.

 Two of the CO Posse will be representing.


1/16th training

As we all recline into winter and the temptations of beer and sweets become almost too strong to resist, I find it is helpful to set up a good training space. To do this I have made a 1/16th model of some of the most challenging sections of MN cross races and placed myself in the lead group. With the Chariots of Fire theme playing over the hi-fi, I ride the rollers visualizing an awesome finish.