Sweet-ass cx products

By now you might have seen the sweetest chainkeeper on the market that pretty much negates the need for a bashguard/chainguide and an inside chain-keeper…the Pauls Components Chain Keeper:

If you do wanna go with bashguards, check out these carbon fiber pieces from Portland’s own Ruckus Components…they also make a collar to keep the chain on your SS cog:

And don’t forget straight outta Tualatin, Oregon…Erin Badaracco’s bashguards aka BBG

What are your fav components for the upcoming CX season? Singlespeed or geared…


A Day In The Park

Hey all,

I would first like to introduce myself (although Will kinda did already). I’m Jordan, the new guy in the PAC NW. I am youngin’ (20) but grew up racing XC in SoCal and am jonesin’ for Cross season.  Enough about me lets get to the ride.

Will and I met up around 10:00 AM and headed to Forest Park.  We were both eager to see how our bikes would handle with the changes we had made to them.  It was a bit chilly and wet aka perfect weather.  We went up Leif Erickson Rd to Saltzman Rd to a short little trail Holstein showed Will that linked us back to Saltzman.  From there we made our way to Firelane 7 which was quite a fast stretch and then headed back towards the trailhead on Thurman Rd.  All in all about 20 miles of gravel road and singletrack that made for a great ride.

On a side note, a rider in another kit came from out of nowhere on his geared cross bike. I told myself to just let him pass, but then I saw the look on his face like he could just blow by us because we were on our single speeds.  So, I let him pass and when he looked back a few yards later expecting us to be eating his dust, I was right on his rear wheel and could have blown right past him.  The look on that man’s face when he saw me right behind him was priceless, he was in complete and utter disbelief. It was awesome

Jordan… in the market for a nickname

What a great way to waste time…on the computer that is

For those of you hard-core riders that find yourself on the web way too much, you’ve likely stumbled across the following games:

Free Rider 2




MN Posse Crossniacs Representing

30 Days

Change your life.  I am.



Who is your hero?

Maybe it’s Lance, Gandhi, the dude who invented stretch SUV limos…whatever. For 2 Crossniacs, it might just be Super Grover.

for Brian & Jim

for Brian & Jim


The proof is in the pictures:

Jim Hendrickson aka Holstein @ the Salem Short Track Series:

workin' the whoopdees


 Brian Johnson aka r_r_beej @ Portland Short Track Series (look for the goofy Mary bar):

Link to Video

Frankly, I’m more of a Snuffleupagus fan myself…maybe Optimus Prime too.


Performance – Music Video

Sweet music video from some hometown OBRA racers. You might even catch that the bike he’s riding is a Performance Tirreno in the video:



Portland Short Track MTB & Oregon’s cross schedule

Turned out a pretty dismal showing at races this year…hoping to change things as we head into the ‘cross season. Check out my race results for ’09 so far at my Loop’d page. Just click on results to see what I’ve done.

steel is real

steel is real

Portland MTB Short Track Series #7
I can’t tell you how excited I was to have this series end…I just wasn’t having fun. J-Bone, i_r_beej and Smitty made appearances during the series…only Brian (aka i_r_beej) raced just about every race.
As for me, I skipped 2 of the races due to extreme heat and overall wussiness. I volunteered for all 7 races so I could race for free. In general, I used the races to fine tune my bikes so trail riding would be more enjoyable. I rocked it singlespeed for 2 races and on the geared bike for 3.
waiting for my ride

waiting for my ride

The bikes looked different each race as I was constantly playing to find the best combination of parts that were comfortable and performed flawlessly. I’m look to get my bikes dialed in before ‘cross starts so I’m not messin around with them so much.
As far as race #7 went, the race was what I expected…hard. The course was super soft and really dusty. Things got off to a rocky start as the start loop was easier & shorter than everyone anticipated so we saw quite a bit of bottle-necking. This meant lots of yelling and rubbin’. Kristen (my gal) told me I looked like I was having fun so I guess that’s all that counts.
Cross Schedule
The Pac NW is excited to see the Cross Natz come to Bend, Oregon this year. In addition, there is a 10-week cyclocross skills clinic put on by uber-babe & Veloforma racer, Tina Brubaker as well as Vanilla/Portland Bicycle Studio’s pro ‘cross racer, Molly Cameron.
In addition to USGP in December and the nation’s largest ‘cross series, www.CrossCrusade.com; comes the addition of the the Pac NW’s first ever cyclocross stage race. For a calendar format of Oregon’s ‘cross race schedule, follow this link.
From the Pac NW AllStarz, peace.
-Buddhabelly on behalf of:
  • Robke
  • Smitty
  • J-Bone
  • i_r_beej
  • Jordan
  • Holstein

Newest Pac NW AllStar & Portland Twilight Crit

He very well could be the youngest racer in the Syndicate…sorry, your kids in mini-jerseys don’t really count.

The Pac NW AllStarz welcome Jordan Frasier (age 20) to the Crossniacs.

What does he bring to the syndicate?

  • skirt-chasing
  • singlespeed domination on the road & the trail
  • a Dopers Suck mentality
  • an inappropriate sense of humor
  • horrible comedic timing

What this means for the Syndicate:

  • contributing to the delinquency of a minor…nuff said


Portland Twilight Crit

Jordan (his nickname is pending) and I hit up the Portland Twilight Criterium. It’s a big, big race with the best riders in the region coming out to show off their pothole, manhole & storm-grate dodging abilities. Even with that said, nothing prepared the Cat 3/4’s from anticipating having to dodge a stray tennis ball from some stupid kids playing next to the course. Also, during the Cat 1’s, I experienced my first exploding tubular (sounded like a gunshot) and saw a guy bend a Reynolds rear wheel in half.

The Kiwis from Land Rover/Orbea made their presence known. For complete results, follow this link

Link to a short clip from a lap of the race: http://www.facebook.com/v/1192736824993

Also ran into J-Bone at the races that night. He had the opportunity to meet Jordan.


Buck Hill Birch Bump MNSCS #7

http://www.mnscs.com/ has all the details.

I had a grudge with this course. Last time I raced it (local Thursday night race) I trashed my front wheel.

I had company, brother Chris came out to cut his teeth for the first time. He borrowed by K2 Full suspension, dropped the seat down about a foot, road around the parking lot then pretty much pulled into the starting line for the race.


There are two places to pass on this trail, the first dirt single track climb if you ride the ruff and then the short dirt road before the tight single track switch backs. The last place is the short open area as you open back up onto the main face of the ski hill.

Revenge is best severed from the podium.


All Cyclocross from this point on. Ladric