Crossniacs, age 7, many addresses, was lead to the metaphorical gallows after a long, courageous battle with apathy and taprooms. Last seen in an induced coma since Nationals, which some would call a stupor but we’re not that kind. Survived by roughly 45 members and malingerers in eight states and a couple continents. Its jerseys were seen on national and world podiums. Left a trail of goodwill by donating dollars to youth physical education programs in less-than-posh neighborhoods and hosting parties at Nationals, utilizing the DJ skills of JPow. Services will be private and half-hearted mourning over pint glasses is not encouraged.

Lake Rebecca. November 16th.

With temps hovering in the low 40’s and mist in the air it was perfect weather for Cyclocross in the woods.

Once again the Rattail race was a joy to ride with plenty of nicely laid-out switch backs, long sections of single track trail, a few off-camber switchback and three sand pits. The last sandpit was the most challenging as it came a stride or two after a barrier.

I got to the race with plenty of time to pre-ride and get ready (unlike last weekend). I had been looking at old Cyclocross technique video’s this week, impressed by those who can clear a barrier on the bike but they did remind me of some basic skills that I have let lapse and this race gave me plenty opportunity to try and get them back.

“Look where you want to go” was a mantra in my head each time I came into the switchbacks and it did help smooth out my lines and keep my speed up. I also focused on readying the course and refining my lines as the race progressed. The narrow dirt path track along the middle of the singletrack section seemed to become slower after a few laps with the little bit of rain and wear it felt tacky compared to the grass.

After all, it is these choices that within the race can make a time difference each lap.

As this race falls on the same weekend as Jingle Cross in Iowa, the organizers pull categories together to make a large field for each start. My 45+ and 55+ group in kids in the 35+ group. In the end I pulled of 3rd overall and 1st in my age group.

It would be nice sometime to go down to Iowa and see pro-riders do their thing but for sheer motivation, nothing comes close to seeing three young kids wait at the start line in the rain as a clap of thunder and a flash of lighting ring through the sky. That takes a hell of a lot more spirit than any pro.

Corcoran Race Cancelled

It is with a fair amount of disappointment, embarrassment, and some frustration that the Corcoran Race on Saturday the 23rd will be cancelled.

Please spend that time with loved ones, running errands or opening the legs – preparing to crush it at the following race; Sculpture Cross. Transfer your love to Ollie – make that race something special.

Thank you to all the Crossniacs teammates who worked overtime to try and make several locations workout, thank you also to the fine gentlemen at GSCA who also worked hard to make something cool happen. Thank you thirdly to both team sponsors who stepped up with award donations.

After the loss of Fridley school grounds and the struggle to make the Corcoran Lion’s Club property work, we found it logistically impossible to present a decent event.

With apologies,
Crossniacs & GSCA

Donkey Cross A-Race

Here is a little bit of action from lap 3 at Donkey Cross.

And again just after that section.

And so it begins

106 heat index. Stupid way to start the cross season. But we’re on the way!

Looking for some Cyclocross shoes?

With a few hours in on these, here is my review.


Boundry Waters 11/18

Sunday rolled around and I hit the GACX race that was only about 45 minutes from home. This was a new course for the Georgia series and I wanted to get a look at this course. It was a nice wide open course with a mix of woodland trails, open field and some ballpark grass/pavement mixed in. I got a great start and was in the top 3. I stayed with the lead group for awhile, but the second time through the climb and big runup coming out of the woods I lost touch. I started sliding back for the rest of the race. I still managed to pull out a top 20 which is my best finish so far this year. All in all, I liked the course and didn’t suck to bad.
Talk to ya’ll later. DS

Double Down 11/17

I coached my son’s soccer team again and they got 2nd place, but we managed to finish early. So, as soon as we got home I packed up the car and headed te Anniston for the 1st race of the Double Down weekend. Saturday racing under the lights. Ricky Bobby would be proud. I love that course and I like racing under the lights. I missed the first race, but got a great warm up for the second race. I got to the start line early and grabbed the last spot on the front row after the call ups. I got a great start and pulled out the hole shot. I was in the lead for the first half lap, then I settled into the lead group of about 6. As we hit the big sandpit right before the finish line the guy in front of me endo’d, so I lost my momentum and had to run it. I lost the last wheel in the lead group and just couldn’t pull myself back up. I lost a little gas as we got near the end and ended up losing a few spots. But Imanaged to ride the sandpit the rest of the race and on the last lap I went for the double handup—beer then cash. I spilt the beer and missed the bills. But I still pulled out a top 15. So, it was good Saturday night.
Talk to ya’ll later. DS

Wesley XX