The Fridley CX

The Fridley CX recap

Bike racing in the Twin Cities would be nothing if not for community. The caring and sharing of valuable resources to all is an amazing benefit to this region.

The Fridley CX, hosted by the singular and most-amazing team, the  Crossniacs National Syndicate, was again a fantastic event.

God must be on the Crossnaics’ side as dry, sun-shiny conditions again blessed the day (despite prayers for rain).

Several hundred racers came to race the elements, the hill, the wind and each other for new-found glory as the course design seemed to find it’s niche.

As for results, the Crossniacs found glory in the 35+ race with Guy Alverez’s 3rd place finish, Dylan MacKenzie also made it to the podium with a 3rd, in his first race on a SS no less in the 10-14 race. Tristen Manderfeld rode away from the 15-18 year olds for 1st in his for race of the season.

Thanks to all present and almost-present for their support and help with the race. It is a lot easier being on this side of the event. It’s a lot of work to make something special happen.

Thanks to Pete W and Aaron for finding new sponsors, awards and helping to get the race up and running.

Thanks to Ladric, Eric and Guy who found the secret to the hill. People LOVED the new route.

Thanks to Taylor and all the others, who set-up the smooth sexy section near the school. With all those soft curves, ups and downs, I couldn’t help but feel like I’m listening to Barry White and making love.

Thanks to Nate S. who sat inside all day and typed in names during reg. and printed results. You are in unsung hero. That job sucks, but you did good.

Thanks to our current sponsors: Mercury wheels and KHS for the goods. People L-O- V-Ed the goods and tattoos and shirts. I’ll post pica asap.

Thanks to new help from Brave Solider and Stuffits. Your unique and cool products set our team above the rest.

To Bryan Butts; thanks for keeping the dream alive.

Extra-extra special thanks to Kevin Lennon for all the course goods. From bell and lap-counters to tape to posts.  You are a champion of the cities cycling community.

To Twin 6 for the extra help. URule.

To the Modern Café; thanks for the awards. Hugs.

To Mark D and Mike P, thanks for the help. Sorry about the wheels.

I’m sure I missed someone. Thanks to all who helped pull off a very successful race.

To everyone, thanks.

No one died. All had fun.

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  1. Nick B says:

    Are the results posted somewhere?