GA Finals

It was the week before Christmas and all through the house, I was slammed with work and chores, and not on my bike. But it was the final race, and hope against hope, I wanted a good place.  I traveled to the Serenbe Farm with a smile on my face, and hope against hope, for at least one good race.  I hit the start good, and was in 5th as we hit the woods.  But a rider in front of me went down, and my luck left town.  My chain came off as I hit the pile, and so I was stuck for quite a while. I got it back on, but it was never quite right.  And the chance for a top 10 went out of sight.  I actually felt good as I scrambled to catch up.  But my chain continued to cha-chunk.  I rode hard, and passed quite a few, but 18th place was the best I could do.

More Cowbell and Merry Christmas Ya’ll