And the beat goes on…

Headed to the bike barn to get this party started

What? Quoting Sonny & Cher? What has gotten in to my little mind?

It (my mind) is probably still a bit frozen over. Yes I ride my bike when it’s cold out or when it’s snowing. Typically not as long but I still ride.


Because Masters World Championships is coming up. Because I could stand to drop a few pounds. Because I need to get out and ride sometimes.

And because you don’t see this from your bedroom window:

Part of Blacklick creek, and a bit off the road.

Today’s weapon of choice:

Late '80's Bianchi Campione D'Italia, set up for single speeding

It still needs some tweaking but overall works great. Big thanks to cyclistconnection for building up the rear wheel for me, it’s perfect (Paul components flip/flop hub laced to a Velocity Deep V rim). Should stand up to my abuse.

And yes, water bottles don’t do so well on the outside of the bike when it’s 22 degrees F outside. Doh!

Thanks for reading.