Bay Area Super Prestige #3 @ Sierra Point

photo courtesy of @ecoPRchick

I was able to score myself an extra-long weekend this week and used it to eat diner food, drink beer and generally lie around trying to remember what regular, non-CX people do in their spare time. Needless to say, I rolled into Sierra Point with my mind and body elsewhere, but that wasn’t enough to make me skip the spectacle of the only night race on the calendar.

We started at dusk and fortunately everyone made it through the drag race to the first corner (unlike last year, where things got a little crazy). After that it was cruising, picking up spots where possible and making sure that you stayed upright. There were so many turns, washboard sections, barriers and run-ups that it was almost impossible to get a rhythm, not that I would have raced any better if I had been able to find one. I still had a great time, though. My “lost” weekend may have hurt the fitness a bit, but I think it will probably help preserve sanity in the long run. I also ran into my friend DB from San Diego, who was on a NorCal roadtrip and tried his hand in the Bs with me, and had a nice start-line chat with Paul (I hope that’s your name – apologies if I forgot) of Team BEER. Seeing old friends, making new ones and riding off your hangover…. gotta love cross!

As always, head over to the NCNCA Racing blog for more pics and videos of this weekend’s action. Next race is Cross Palace this weekend, at SF’s Cow Palace fairgrounds. Word is that we’ll be racing INSIDE the arena…

– Nick in SF

4 Responses to “Bay Area Super Prestige #3 @ Sierra Point”

  1. will says:

    now that is a great pic!

  2. nickn says:

    Thanks! My friend managed to get a good one.

    I’m mid-gasp because the start/finish straight was the only place i could hammer and pick off 2-3 people at a time.

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