Brutal 1st Day of racing

So I stayed up all night in order to get a good call-up for the B race and single speed race here in Bend, OR. But they decided to pull #’s randomly for start order instead of go by time of registration. What the hell? There were 165 racers. My # was one of the last, so I started around 150. My race was over before it even started. The gun went off and I sat helplessly as I had to wait for everyone else to get going. The leaders were gone before I even went across the start finish line. I probably passed 100+ guys, but there was no way I was going to reach the front.

The conditions were brutal. The snow turned to ice and people were going down everywhere. I think I crashed 5 times, one time I thought for sure my bike and body was busted. My hip is bruised and scraped and my neck feels like I got body slammed.

Oh well… tomorrow is another day.


2 Responses to “Brutal 1st Day of racing”

  1. holstein71 says:

    Im reading right now Thurs eve at 9pm that Bend is at 3 degrees i would say its dddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn cold. Bless ya Jared, stay warm, be safe, and have a better weekend racing…Jim

  2. paulm says:

    sorry to miss the party, but sounds brutal. who cares about the b race, anyhow ? !
    go get em tomorrow !