flawless…..cow pasture cross

Today’s cross race was literally held in a cow pasture with cow shit everywhere on the course.

Let’s talk flawless. Every race I’ve watched or been in, someone makes a little mistake that costs them their race. Today was no exception. I try to ride smart and think through all the crucial sections and try to ride mistake-free. One big gun showed up today a national champ on the road and a legend on the cross scene, Andy Applegate. The race wasn’t all that big because it wasn’t part of the NC point series, but plenty of fast guys all around. I knew from the gun that I was racing for 2nd. I tried to hang with Andy, but he was just too strong. I held on for 2 laps and then couldn’t hold the wheel anymore. A group of 4-5 of us busted away from the pack and I went to the front and tried to chase Andy and then it was down to 3. A rider in the group was flying on the technical stuff and opened a gap on me and another guy. I stayed calm and when we got into the double barrier I instantly bridged because the rider off the front wasn’t as fast as I was in the barriers. One thing that I tell everyone who asks me for advice or is just starting out in cross.. Practice and practice and practice your mounts and dismounts, they are the most important part of cyclocross racing. Anyone can ride fast, but it takes time to ace mounts and dismounts. Next lap into the barrier the 3 of us were together and I knew this was the opportunity to gap one of the riders and I went in hot and came out hotter and on the gas and we instantly gapped the guy and I drilled it until the gap was comfortable. The podium was set. 1st was gone and it was down to me and another guy to see who was going to get 2nd and 3rd. We took turns pulling lap after lap. I was struggling, but just took it easy when I was pulling. I was going to wait for the last barrier and climb on the last lap to make a move. 3 laps to go and he leads into the barriers and clips one of them and goes down. I attack and instantly open a gap and kill it for 2 laps and 2nd is mine and I roll the last lap with some breathing room. So, again kids practice your frickin mounts and dismounts or I will take advantage of your errors. The coolest part of the race was this baby cow. I was doing a lap before the race and these kids were running around with 2 dogs and this other thing that looked kind of like a dog, but when I got up to them it was a baby cow.

From the pics you’ll notice that I’m not using the cracked carbon front wheel. I mounted up my 1st tubular, Ritchey Protocol with Dughast on it and apparently my 1st glue job was successful because it stayed on.

More pics hereĀ 


3 Responses to “flawless…..cow pasture cross”

  1. Brooke Hoyer says:

    After you’ve been racing a few seasons (3-4), you’ll be looking for some extra watts, not better technique. Yeah, as a newbie, dial the skills. But as Simon Burney told me, the average Belgian is looking for a few more watts, not honing his mounts/dismounts.

  2. royadver says:

    12 years racing CX and I still work on the basics

  3. elvisgoat says:

    We put on the cow pasture cross race… I hope you liked it, even with the cow pies. JH said it would make it more like Europe.

    Here are a few photos. Give me a shout and we’ll ride some (if you are in the WS area.

    Here are my photos from the race. There are a few of you in there…