GACX #7 or spookiness

I know. I’m behind again.  Its kinda like my races, I guess. I start off strong, with good intentions, but then slowly fall behind.  Finally fininshed up with my daughter’s softball late on October 29th, so I decided to get up early on the 30th to give it go.  The Georgia race was at the Conyers horse park, site of the equistrian events from the 1996 Olympics. I usually like the course with the exception of the one main hill climb in the woods.   Has anyone noticed my distaste for climbing?  That’s what a lack of training and 20 extra pounds will do for you.

I got there early though and felt pretty good, so I kitted up for the Masters’ race.  There is an ongoing discussion here in Georgia about sandbagging and as part of that there is an offshoot into the fact that there are basically 2 teirs in most of the Master’s races.  You have the first group of guys that are also capable of doing the “A” race, and then you have the back of the pack that is old and out of shape.  I have advocated for spliting up the Masters race.  But I digress.  Needless to say I fall into the second group.  I have had quite a few mechanicals this year.  Not really sure why, but it seems like something always breaks in the first race of the day.  But today, nothing broke.  I started off good, but as usual, gradually fell towards the back.  But I finished and beat a few guys.

Then I turned right around without any break and did the C race.  But by the time I got to the start line, there where about 70 guys in front of me.  So, I spent most of the day in no man’s land between other racers.  I finished up in the middle of the pack again.  But I still love being out there.

Talk to ya’ll later.  DS