GACX #9, The old stomping grounds

On November 13th, the Georgia Series returned to Jim Miller Park in Marietta.  This is one of the original Georgia CX courses and the site of the infamous Red Clay Run-up.  I really like this course except for that run-up.  It is back in the woods, about 50 feet long, almost straight up, and hard to get any traction.  I started the Master’s race and was actually feeling pretty good. After half the race, I was still in the middle.  But then my bike stopped shifting.  I ended up pulling out so I could try to get it fixed for the C race which starts immediately after the Masters.  I got it going, but it still wasn’t quite right.  Luckily, Trey from my LBS was there and he managed to beat it into submission so I could do the C race.  I got to the line as quick as I could, but still ended up starting with about 40 guys in front of me and only 30 behind me.  I got tangled up with a couple of guys early and lost a few spots, but then I steadily pulled a few guys back each lap.  I was finally feeling good.  I had trouble with the hill, but I made up for it through the field and the pavement.  With a lap and  a half to go, I was looking for a top 20.  I came to the run-up and…I couldn’t unclip to get out.  So, while I was fighting my pedal about 10 guys passed me.  Not sure how it happened, but I completely lost one bolt, and my cleat was just spinning.  So, I had to finish the last lap without being able to clip in.  The cleat was still hanging and it made it tough to keep my foot on the pedal, but I finished and somehow even managed to beat a guy in the final sprint.  But it dropped me down to middle of the pack again.

Talk to ya’ll later. DS