Make your own chain lube

Local racer & blogger, Erik Voldengen, posted a sweet concoction for a pretty reliable/inexpensive chain lube. Check it out here at his blog: Chain Lube

mobil-1-tri-synthetic-formula-motor-oil_2.jpgodorlessmineralspirits_2.jpgpoledance.jpg or picture-4.png

Aside from that, keep on riding and posting race reports for those early season races!


3 Responses to “Make your own chain lube”

  1. Guy Smith says:

    I made up a batch of this last summer and seems to work out really well, and very cheap in the long run, nice post buddha!

  2. erikv says:

    I like this equation. You can’t possibly go wrong! Thanks.

  3. My fellow on Orkut shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.