Off Season? I’m always off

Well, for Cyclocross it’s considered the off-season. I thought I was doing pretty good, too. Got Mark Farmer whipping me… er, coaching me. Getting to ride a bit more consistantly. Got a plan this year. Thought I was doing OK and then, one of my nemesis went back to road racing this year. Gasp. But I’m still putting the work in. For a while, that was.

Then we’ve had some health issues in the family. Something pretty drastic, really. Drastic enough to make you say “The rest of this bike-riding crap can wait.”

It doesn’t mean I’ve stopped riding. I just don’t get to ride as often as originally planned. Not a big deal. Family is a much much bigger deal.

So instead of a hard 2 hour hard training ride, I may go for a 2 1/2 hour ride on the bike path through the metroparks with my bride. For example, last Saturday evening when we went by a couple ponds the peepers – frogs – were so loud it was astounding. We get around a bend in the path and she counts a baker’s dozen of whitetail in the meadow.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Marietta, OH for a week. The temperatures in Ohio have gotten to what we normally see in June, not the beginning of March. It was interesting to ride around and find pockets of temperature differences. A breeze may blow in and it felt like the temp would drop 10 degrees F. Or I’d make it to the top of a long steep climb and you could feel the temp get warmer and drier where the sun had been beating down on the pavement all day.

So I don’t get to ride as often as some of my competitors nor is every ride a full-on training ride. But on and off the bike, I’m going for more memorable moments. I hope you do as as well.

Thanks for reading.