SS and the end of 2009

(say in dying-kinda voice) “you go on..with out me…..” “save yourself”

Goodbye 2009 cross season. To the rest of you continuing to race, HTFU.

Did the SS race today. Any of you guys race ss only? Its nuts! If I find a pic, I’ll upload it.

I wanna talk about a guy that beat me. Dan Casper or “ghost”  (casper-get it?). Anyways, I worked with Dan a long time ago. Back when I met my wife. In the mid-90’s, Back when I smoked. A lot. We worked with tuff kids. Hard kids. Jail-kinda kids. Dan was great with those kids.

Then I followed my love to Austin, TX. and somewhere in there, Dan got married. Now, I quit smoking and we both quit working with tuff kids and Dan is a mpls fire fighter.

Dan married Linda Sone. They met at the same school. Now she’s a fire fighter too. Anyways, Linda happens to be fast. Check it:

I’m proud of the two of them. I’m proud to know them better than most, or knew them better.

Cyclocross is like that. Its a big family of over-lapping-love.
So, tonight, and the end of my 2009 season, I drink to the love of cyclocross. or cycloross, depending….

hugs, FPA

3 Responses to “SS and the end of 2009”

  1. will says:

    Singlespeed is a great way to go for ‘cross. Can’t beat the feeling of railing corners and slogging through slop/sticks/rocks/racers knowing you won’t drop your chain and won’t get a derailleur caught on something.

    I rode the SS category all last year but it’s now turning into a warm-up race for the Cat A/Pros so I’ve been having fun with it in the Cat C’s

    I’ve also raced lots of Short Track on a SS and did my first XC Mtb race this year on a SS (finished 3rd).

    And lastly, you can’t beat SS for commuting…it’s quiet, no cables, a lighter overall bike, etc.


  2. steven says:

    Dan really is great with the tuff kids. I was visiting them in Northfield and some punks on MX bikes harassed us while we were out riding. He followed them to their house and set them straight. I was seriously impressed. Great guy, and Linda too.

  3. beth h says:

    Someone responded to my post over at Cross Crusade chat — s/he invited me to contact directly — and I am trying to find them. Can you help?