Time to renew USA Cycling License.

When I first started racing Cyclo-Cross I just signed up with a Mountain Bike racing class of Sport. That worked for the first year or two until the rules changed in Minnesota requiring a USA Cycling license for the ‘B’ group race. There was no reason to have a USAC license if you only raced off-road. For the last few years I have been purchasing a USAC license as a ‘road’ racer just so I could race in the ‘B or A’ group in Cyclo-Cross. So off I go to renew my ‘road’ license again last week for the 08 Cyclo-Cross season.After navigate to the correct part of the web page, I find the option to order a new license.Then I see a choice.


See that nice option at the bottom of the list. When you select any of the action links under the ‘Action’ column it takes you to this page.


As you can see. Cyclo-Cross is included in both a Mtb Rider and a Road Rider but is not a stand alone option from the previous page.

I thought I better check as I don’t want to show up at the first race and find out that the Mtb option is only for the ‘C’ or beginner group. Perhaps I should just play it safe and choice the road option. So I asked the local contacts – they had no idea. Then I asked the National Contact.

“Both disciplines include cyclocross.  Typically cyclocross is a secondary discipline, so most riders choose one or the other and it includes cross racing.” 

Secondary!!!! I have always taken a bit of pride in being the punk at the disco but this got my hackles up a bit.

I signed-up for a spanking new Mountain bike license and it came with a Cat 3 Cyclo-Cross ‘Active’ status.

Club: Crossniacs