Chilly Hilly 2011 – Start of the season

At a very early hour on Sun Feb 27th, I slathered on the med-hot embrocation, rubbed chamois cream into my bike shorts, donned many layers and met my bro-in-law and friend at the Mt Baker Park. From there we rode a couple of miles to the ferry, caught the 8:55 boat to Bainbridge Island, where we, along with a couple thousand others, slayed one of the 2011 Cascade Bicycle Club monuments – Chilly Hilly 2011! Mother Nature threw everything at us: wind, rain, sleet, sun, and cold. And yes, the hills of Bainbridge Island (2,675 feet of climbing in 33 miles) were still there. All in all, a good day…. I definately met the requirements for Rule #9 today ( And with this ride, the 2011 cycling season has begun.

Paul G – in Seattle