derailleur hanger magnet

I don’t know what it is but I seem to be the magnet out there for guys to put their wheels into my derailleur. Today was WinterCross at the motocross course. I was interested to see if the hard training was going to pay off since I haven’t raced for 2 weeks. I got a great start and sat 3rd wheel and when we hit the fist hairpin turn someone from behind decided not to slow down and plowed into the field and of course my derailleur and bent it. 30 seconds into the race and my bike is messed up. The gears were skipping away and the other riders were riding back. I had to to a hole lap to get to the pits. I put it in a gear that wouldn’t skip and finally made it to the pits and grabbed my B bike. The goal now was to see how many people I could pass. Lap after lap I felt good and dropped guys here and there and finally made it to see the leaders. 2 laps to go and I was sitting 4th after moving up from the back. I stuck on rd place with 2 laps to go and was waiting for one lap to go when we get close to the finish and they say you’re done and 3rd stomps it and it’s over before I knew what was up. That stupid 80% rule in effect again. We didn’t even get passed by the leader of the 1/2 race. At least I know the fitness is coming around. I felt great today. I’m hoping my bad luck with dudes crashing me out is over, because it sure it getting old and the big races are coming up with USGP Bend next weekend and Masters Worlds in January.