Double Dip weekend: Lion of Fairfax BASP #1

This was a big weekend for the Bay – Saturday was Lion of Fairfax, the unofficial opener for us city folk, and Sunday was Bay Area Super Prestige #1, the first race of the region’s best-known and largest series.

Matt (Dolore Grotta) and I headed out to Fairfax late Saturday morning because we didn’t race until 3pm. The weather was pleasant but not necessarily ‘crossy with clear skies, a warm breeze and dry grounds. The course was the same as last year, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from watching the racing… people were pinging their wheels on the same hidden rocks, curbs and sprinkler heads as last year and dozens of people flatted and/or crashed. I race the Bs and had an excellent start, winding my way through the first lap in the front group and even got a little frisky a few laps in when I caught up to Matt and tried to put some time into him, but he eventually made up all the ground he had lost to me. At two laps to go we both had good positions, me locked in at 5th and Matt at 3rd, but poor Matt punctured and had to pit going into the bell lap! He ended up 6th and I finished in 4th, my best result since I started racing Bs. I celebrated by carbo-loading with some nachos and french fries and a beer at Marin Biketoberfest.

BASP #1 was the complete opposite of Fairfax – a flat course, rainy weather and three times the field size. Both Joel and I scored third row starting positions but mine was blown to hell when the guy in front of me couldn’t figure out how to clip in for the first fifteen seconds of the race! Twenty people sped by on each side as I tried to get around him but to no avail… I was racing from the rear before we even crossed the start/finish line thanks to some random dude. My crap start notwithstanding, the race went great – the legs cooperated; the course was wet enough to be tacky but not so wet that it was muddy; there were a number of flat sections that I could motor on; the technical skills were sharp (enough); I passed more times than I got passed; and there was even a group of ladies who were quite liberal with the cowbells.

Throw a fat, post-race recovery burrito and a Negro Modelo on top of all that and you have yourself one awesome weekend of Bay Area racing.

Dale Tapley

photo: Dale Tapley

-Nick in SF

P.S. – FPA, those team crest towels you sent out really hit the spot this weekend. They are my new embro rags!

P.P.S. – BASP #2… one word: flyover. Alright, maybe that’s two words. But still.